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#TryItTuesdays | Relaunch | YOUYESYOU

Posted on 5th May 2018 by The Hairy Dog

TryItTuesdays Feat. YOUYESYOU // Your Weekly dose of Local Talent!

So a re-launch is well needed and has just begun!!

So for the first week of Try It Tuesdays i'm going to put forward a local band i absolutely love!


Based in Stoke-on-Trent these boys love and dominate there shows. They are a band full of wit and grit. Chris Munday (Vocals) brings a diverse range of dance moves whilst delivering an extremely controlled range of vocals. Liam Stride (Bass x Guitar) is a genius on tone, the combination of a fuzzy bass and his distorted guitar is a haunting dream you never want to wake up from. Jordan Poole is the backbone of the band his heavy drums are what leads us through dragging any luggage through the dirt!

When i first heard them it remind me of Billy Talent x Refused x Every Time I Die, a blend whipped up extremely well.

Go check there Debut EP "Well, At least we tried"

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