The Hairy Dog - Derby's live music venue

The Hairy Dog is the small music venue with a big sound in the heart of Derby.

We're bringing you the best of alternative music from the UK and overseas as well as supporting the local scene.

  • This next statement may see me hung, drawn and quartered, but please bear with me. Over the past 25 years some of the best punk albums have come from bands that are not necessarily looked on as ‘punk’. Now I’m not getting into the whole ‘how do you define punk’ argument, that’s been done to death already, but what I am saying is that there are bands that are in no way seen as ‘punk’ who have released albums that have more of the punk mentality than most of the actual punk bands. CLICK ON TITLE TO READ MORE

    20th Jun 2013
  • If you have ever wondered what music venue staff listen to outside of work read on.

    18th Apr 2013
  • Whammo! !!!! Here it is, like a bolt out of the blue, our brand new shiny digital hub!

    12th Apr 2013
  • We had a great show recently when Evans the Death stopped by as part of their current UK tour.

    4th Apr 2013